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Dog & Pony Show Preview: Miss Pixie and HER merry miscreants Return in Take It All Off!

September 25, 2003 - Durham, NC:

PEEP!!! impresario Lissa Brennan (a.k.a. Miss Pixie) and cohorts return Manbites Dog Theater Friday and Saturday with a bodacious burlesque revue entitled Take It All Off! Brennan's co-stars for this uproarious R-rated entertainment include Flynt Burton, Emma Cabrera, Leigh Hall, Gina Kelly, and Sarah Erickson.

Channeling her gin-soaked burlesque-queen alter ego, Lissa Brennan writes: "After a daiquiri-soaked summer break, Miss Pixie returns with an all-girl merry band in Take It All Off! A Burlesque Journey; the latest PEEP!!! Show offering and an all-new evening of saucy entertainment! Professor Pixie tutors the latest bevy of Peep-Holes as they discover the true meaning of striptease in a rollicking adventure jam-packed with shimmies, quivers, bumps and grinds. 

"Begin with burlesque's humble and modest (in more ways than one!) origins at the turn of the last century, when it barely took an ankle to titillate and a glimpse of a shaking shoulder was enough to incite riots and raids. Rocket to the present-day resurrection of the gyratory arts, with striptease no longer reserved for showstopping bad girls, but an irresistible expression of feminine grace and power claimed by wild women from housewives to librarians! 

"On the way you'll view a sassy can-can, learn how the Victorians did it, and attempt to answer the ever-burning questions:

"Is the desire to disrobe to the skivvies in front of an appreciative audience diametrically opposed to the ability to be a strong, independent individual who controls her own destiny? 

"Is burlesque a continuation of the patriarchal oppression of poor, helpless women, or is it the opportunity for women to celebrate their own splendor?

"Can Miss Pixie be a feminist and a striptease artist at the same time? 

"The answer may surprise you! Maybe. Possibly. No. It won't. It won't surprise you at all. But it will give you a night of laughs, thrills, shaking, singing, bad puns and good intentions."

Dog & Pony Show presents Take It All Off! Friday-Saturday, Sept. 26-27, at 8:15 p.m. at Manbites Dog Theater, 703 Foster St., Durham, North Carolina. $10 (Manbites Dog vouchers and passes accepted). 919/682-3343 or http://www.tix.com/Schedule.asp?OrganizationNumber=150 [inactive 5/04]. Dog & Pony Show: 919/286-0456 or dogandponytheater@yahoo.com.Manbites Dog Theater: http://www.manbitesdogtheater.org/83/.