This preview has been provided by the American Dance Festival.

Men’s Stories (2000) is Lar Lubovitch’s powerful exploration of masculinity, biography, and character. Lubovitch has described the work as “a dance that opens up, like a book, to reveal the story of the men inside the dance.” This 45-minute work for 9 men is acclaimed for both its choreography and its virtuosic male dancing. The dance tells its stories though a “collage” format, rather than a linear narrative structure. The unusual commissioned score—also a collage—combines original music with samplings of classical music and other audio effects, creating “a concerto in ruin.” Concerto Six Twenty-Two, one of Lubovitch’s most-acclaimed works, premiered at Carnegie Hall in 1986. Although “men dancing” has existed in modern dance almost from the beginning, Concerto brought a new freedom of expression to this concept. While Concerto does not tell a literal story, it does indelibly portray men (for the first time) within a caring, supportive, and loving relationship. In the mid-80s, this aspect of Concerto gave the work special resonance in the face of the AIDS crisis, but the theme is timeless. The company will perform the male duet from Concerto at ADF. North Star (1st movement), Scriabin Dances, and Othello Pas de Deux (Act III) will round out the program.

ADF will present the 2016 Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award for lifetime achievement to Artistic Director and Choreographer, Lar Lubovitch. Established in 1981 by Samuel H. Scripps, the annual award honors choreographers who have dedicated their lives and talent to the creation of modern dance. Mr. Lubovitch’s work, acclaimed throughout the world, is renowned for its musicality, emotional style, highly technical choreography, and deeply humanistic voice. The $50,000 award will be presented to Mr. Lubovitch in a brief ceremony prior to Lar Lubovitch Dance Company’s performance at the Durham Performing Arts Center.


Durham Performing Arts Center

Monday, July 11 at 7:00pm
Tuesday, July 12 at 8:00pm