Mission Statement

CVNC educates and informs through its online calendar of live arts events, and a growing archive of articles and reviews of local presenters and organizations. We believe in providing professional-quality reviews and articles to represent the evolving cultural landscape in North Carolina, and advocating for access to the arts and cultural journalism for everyone.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

CVNC is committed to actively addressing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in its coverage of the arts. Our organization respects race, ethnicity, culture, sex, gender identity, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, ability, age, national origin, immigration status, veteran status, political affiliation, religion and spiritual identity.

We believe it is our responsibility to produce reviews and cultural reporting that serve as an accurate and equitable reflection of our state and its diversity.

About CVNC

Welcome to Cultural Voice of North Carolina (CVNC), North Carolina's statewide arts journal, filling the gaps left by commercial papers as more and more of them curtail or eliminate their coverage of the fine arts.

We have often published 500+ reviews per year, written by critics who live throughout the state. To help us accomplish this level of coverage, we currently have 40 distinguished arts writers on our masthead plus interns at several NC colleges and a staff consisting of one full-time and two part-time employees.

In addition to reviews, CVNC publishes the most extensive arts calendar available in NC. Events are posted by our employees as a service to our readers and the arts community. We routinely published listings of 3,500+ unique events representing more than 7,230 individual performances. We have posted over 35,000 events from over 1,500 presenters, performing groups, and artists across NC in live, live-streamed, and virtual performances.

This online arts journal, based in central North Carolina, exists to serve those who share our belief that the arts are an integral part of life that cannot thrive unless the community knows what is available and what effect the presentations have. Our site is modeled after San Francisco Classical Voice, the first large-scale non-profit platform of this kind in America. Our example has in turn inspired other non-profit approaches: among the most recent is Classical Voice North America, published by the Music Critics Association of North America.

Unless otherwise stated, all contributions are from staff and contracted writers of CVNC. Authors and editors are responsible for content and accuracy; views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the CVNC editorial team or the Board of Directors.

Readership has continued to expand, as it has done annually since our establishment in July 2001. Between 2020-2021, we averaged over 7,000 unique visitors to our site every month. Our readership enables us to market ads visible on all pages and thus earn income beyond grants and contributions while concurrently offering presenters viable ways to supplement their own marketing efforts at affordable prices in an "all arts" journal; revenue from all sources helps us sustain our operations as we continue to grow. We are profoundly grateful to all who have joined with us in this effort.

We invite prior donors to renew their support in order to help us match our current-year grants, and we invite readers who have not yet contributed to CVNC to do so now, as new donors are needed so we may continue to cover the arts across North Carolina.

We thank presenters across our state whose cooperation makes our work possible. Without input from series managers, college and university arts personnel, and musicians, actors, dancers, directors, and visual artists everywhere – and without their generous provision of tickets for our critics so we can review their offerings – CVNC would not have made it to its 20th birthday on July 4, 2021.

We urge our readers to patronize the presenters whose performances are listed in CVNC. It's a fact that we are all in this together. Thank you!

Andrea McKerlie Luke
CVNC Executive Director

(Revised 09/23/21)