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Readers and Supporters:

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Artists, Organizations, and Businesses:

  • Send us your events! We meticulously enter individual calendar listings to ensure complete and accurate information at no cost to you. This has always been our way and we stand by it, but we can’t do it without you! Ensure that your events are up-to-date and being shared across our platform by checking your event listings in our calendar and sending new and updated event info to our Calendar Editor Cecilia Whalen at events@cvnc.org. This is an ongoing process, but you may want to remember that we make our review selections based on what is listed in our calendar by about the 20th of the preceding month.
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  • Ask about in-kind contributions: We can trade a preview article featuring your event for placement of a CVNC ad in your program brochure or event website. Reach out to Executive Director Andrea Luke at ExDir@cvnc.org to discuss creative collaborations.