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RSO Rising Stars Present Two New Soloists at Meredith

Orchestral Music Review by Bill Robinson,  March 26, 2017

Jóhann Jóhannsson's Drone Mass Mesmerizes Duke Audience

Choral Music, Orchestral Music Review by Jeffrey Rossman,  March 25, 2017

Anat Cohen Outstanding at 21C

Jazz Review by Peter Ingram,  March 19, 2017

UNCSA Student Orchestra in ConcertArt Experiment

Orchestral Music Review by Peter Perret,  March 18, 2017

Superb Singing and Playing in Rollicking Rossini Opera

Opera Review by Peter Perret,  March 17, 2017

THROUGH 4/2:  RLT'S When She Had Wings Is a Compact Charmer

Children's Theatre Review by Alan R. Hall,  March 17, 2017

Baroque & Beyond Finale: Aeolian Zephyrs in the Wood(winds)

Chamber Music Review by William Thomas Walker,  March 12, 2017

Lenore Raphael at Halle Cultural Arts Center

Jazz Review by Brandon Lane,  March 11, 2017