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Birds, Bugs, and Blossoms on Display at The Music House

Chamber Music Review by Richard Parsons,  May 21, 2017

At the Hayti Center: Nina Simone's Only Local Appearance this Season

Blues, Jazz, Orchestral Music Review by John W. Lambert,  May 21, 2017

Music House Concert is "French, German, Pretty"

Chamber Music Review by Richard Parsons,  May 19, 2017

Kelly Hall-Tompkins Delights in Crossover Concert

Recital Review by Ted McIrvine,  May 19, 2017

Scintillating Tchaikovsky, Superb Shostakovich by North Carolina Symphony

Orchestral Music Review by Geoffrey Simon,  May 19, 2017

Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle Combines Opera with Two Stabat Maters

Chamber Orchestra, Choral Music Review by Jeffrey Rossman,  May 7, 2017

Italian Opera and the Sacred

Chamber Orchestra Preview,  May 7, 2017

Jenkins Work Highlights "Voices" Concert

Choral Music Review by Geoffrey Simon,  May 6, 2017